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Jess Deacon (b. 1983)

A San Franciscan Garter snake, in a bell jar (circa 1900)

paper and glue

The snake: 9 in. high (22.8 cm.)

The bell jar: 14 x 8 x 6 1/4 in. (30.5 x 20.3 x 15.9 cm.)


San Francisco Garter Snake (Thamnophis sirtalis tetrataenia) is made entirely of paper and glue, and consists of a segmented interior structure to which the scales and other details are meticulously - and painstakingly - added, one by one. 





Jess Deacon is an artist based in Margate, Kent. 


Having studied BA (Hons) Illustration at The University of Brighton, Jess graduated in 2006 and moved to London where she worked in television before moving into animation, set design, model and puppet making. After working on several papercraft animations, her work has increasingly focused on the medium of paper sculpture.


With an emphasis on detail, Jess’ work explores natural structures and behaviours, movement / mechanics and, in part, the process of making itself.


Exhibited works include:


Various -  Beleze London, 2017, Panther House, London, UK.

Ancient Civilisation - David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2016, Mall Galleries, London, UK. 

Giant Paper Kaleidoscope - KIKK Festival Exposition 2014, Namur, Belgium.

Revolution (film) - La Turbine Centre de Culture Scientifique, 2013, Annecy, France.

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