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It’s often been said that to make a small fortune in the art-world, you should start off with a large one. As exciting as it is unpredictable, the art market can be precarious to navigate, with hazards coming in many different forms. Tom Rooth Fine Art provides clear, unbiased, confidential advice that will help you make the best decisions, regarding:


  • The best avenue for sale or purchase, whether it be through private treaty or auction.

  • Acquiring works of art at auction, privately, or through fine art dealerships.

  • Bidding at auction, and gauging the fair market value/level to bid to.

  • Advice and service for restoration, conservation and framing, consulting with independent conservators and restorers.

  • Building art collections.

      Other services include:

  • Valuing works for sale, purchase, insurance or probate.

  • Ascertaining the condition of artworks (this is key when selling or buying).

  • Acquiring works of art, privately and through auction, whilst retaining the buyer’s anonymity.

  • Researching, attributing, and confirming authorship of artworks (the market is awash with imitations, fakes, doctored and incorrectly attributed artworks).

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